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Kyle Varel

Biking in Land Between The Lakes

There are hundreds of miles of trails waiting to be explored in Land Between The Lakes. Whether you're into mountain biking or cycling, you will not be disappointed with the opportunities at LBL!

Canal Loop Trail

Length:  11 miles
Type:  Bike & Hike
Map:  Canal Loop Trail

Located near the north entrance of Land Between The Lakes, just south of Grand Rivers, you'll find the Canal Loop Trail.  This multi-use trail is 11 miles with three connectors providing trails from 1.5 to 11 miles in length.  This is one of the most popular trails due to the great views of the lake.

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail

Length: 11 miles
Type:  Bike & Hike
Map:  Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail

The newest trail in Land Between The Lakes.  The eastern leg of the trail is paved, running parallel to US 68/KY 80 for 2.5 miles. Heading west, the trail becomes compacted gravel and travels to Kentucky Lake, where you can cross the lake at Eggner's Ferry Bridge.  The trail (without the bridges) is 11 miles long.

Fort Henry Trail System

Length:  26 miles
Type:  Bike & Hike
Map:  Fort Henry Trail System

Explore the history of Fort Henry, a confederate fort during the Civil War.  The trails follow General Grant's trail movements nearly 170 years ago from Fort Henry to Fort Donelson.  Most of the fort is now under Kentucky Lake.

Hillman Heritage National Recreation Trail

Length:  5.5 miles
Type:  Bike & Hike
Map:  Hillman Heritage National Recreation Trail

The Star Lime Works community flourished here until the mid-1940s when the Tennessee River was impounded to create Kentucky Lake. These trails follow some of the former community's roads.  The trails are open to campers at Hillman Ferry Campground and guests alike.  If you aren't camping at Hillman Ferry, simply check-in and register at the campground's gatehouse to explore this historic trail system.

North/South Trail - North End

Length:  31 miles
Type:  Bike & Hike
Map:  North/South Trail - North End

The longest trail for biking in Land Between The Lakes is the north end of the North/South Trail.  The difficultly level is easy to moderate with the trailheads at the Golden Pond Visitor Center and the North Welcome Station.

All other trails in LBL are closed to biking.  However, you are free to bike on any of LBL's roads!