Woodlands Nature Station

A Turkey at Woodlands Nature Station
Shawn Dunnaway

Woodlands Nature Station

The Woodlands Nature Station in Land Between The Lakes is a place to learn about all the critters commonly found in western Kentucky. Numerous exhibits of live creeping, crawling and slithering animals educate folks about their nature and habitat.

Owls, turtles, and snakes are common at the Nature Station.  You'll also get to experience the American Bald Eagle, the endangered Red Wolf, and more common animals such as coyotes, groundhogs, bobcats, and deer among others.

Numerous programs are held throughout the day at the Nature Station with many kid-friendly activities and interactive presentations.

As the case with Land Between The Lakes' other attractions, visiting the Nature Station will not be a costly adventure.  A family of four with two small children can enjoy the Nature Station for as little as $10.  See the Facts chart for details on admission prices and when the Woodlands Nature Station is open.