Lake Silhouette

Lake Silhouette
Sherry Bailey

Lodging Inside Land Between The Lakes

You may not realize it, but due to the lack of commercialization and the uninhabited nature of Land Between The Lakes, lodging options are limited to camping and a few primitive cabins inside the park.

Numerous resorts, hotels, rentals and other types of accommodations can be found outside LBL.  But inside the park's boundaries, you'll be limited to camping and roughin' it!

Primitive Cabin Rentals in LBL

Piney Campground, located in southwestern Land Between The Lakes, features a few primitive cabin rentals.  These cabins offer a double bed, bunk bed, ceiling fan with light, a small table and chair set, and a few electrical outlets.  No bathrooms are attached to these cabins and they're fairly small.

Wrangler's Campground, located near Lake Barkley and south of US 68, also has a few of these primitive cabins available for rent.

Developed Campgrounds

Four developed campgrounds complete with water and electric service, bathroom facilities and snack shops are located throughout LBL.  The four developed campgrounds are:

  • Hillman Ferry Campground
  • Piney Campground
  • Energy Lake Campground
  • Wrangler's Campground

Basic & Dispersed Camping (Roughin' It!)

You can choose to stay in a basic campground or even go find a secluded spot in the middle of nowhere with a dispersed camping permit. These options are for those who truly want to get away from it all and enjoy a nice, peaceful experience either on the shores of Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley.