Doe Peeks Through the Rainy Forest
J. Kent Harmon

Hunting in Land Between The Lakes

Wildlife management is an important task for Land Between The Lakes, and hunting plays a major role.  Without hunting, the number of predator-less species such as white-tailed deer would get out of hand.

LBL provides an impressive backdrop for hunters - thousands of acres of wooded areas, fields and streams.  Not to mention 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline.  In-season hunting lasts more than 250 days each year for a variety species.  You can hunt for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, squirrels and other forest game.

Land Between The Lakes has spring turkey and squirrel hunts.  In the fall and winter, you can hunt for deer, waterfowl and other small game species. Hundreds of campsites are available throughout the park for overnight guests or those who want to get an early start.

There are several rules and regulations regarding hunting in Land Between The Lakes.  Permits are required in addition to holding a regular state hunting license.  Registration for quota hunts is also necessary. To find out more, call (270) 924-2065 or visit this link