A Geocache Waiting for Discovery
Shawn Dunnaway

Geocaching in Land Between The Lakes

Land Between The Lakes features 170,000 acres of undeveloped, uninhabited forests, streams, fields and shoreline.  With all this open land, and with back roads meandering through the forests and fields, LBL is truly a geocacher's paradise.

If you're not familiar with geocaching, it is a "treasure hunt" of sorts using a GPS device or a GPS-enabled smartphone that have GPS apps  to locate a hidden cache of "treasures" left behind by ordinary people.

The caches can be hidden well off the beaten path or within feet of a road, making LBL a perfect place to hunt.  The cache is usually a small container of trinkets with a log for people to sign.  The concept is to find a cache, leave a small item, sign the log, and take a one of the trinkets or small items.

There are hundreds of geocaches stored and waiting to be found in Land Between The Lakes.

Check out for a comprehensive list of all the geocaches that can be found in Land Between The Lakes.