Elk & Bison Prairie

Elk Bugling at the Elk & Bison Prairie
Libby Mundy

Elk & Bison Prairie

No trip to Land Between The Lakes would be complete without a stop at the Elk & Bison Prairie!

This gated 700-acre preserve features elk and bison and can be viewed from the comforts of your vehicle.

As you drive down the one-way loop through the prairie, you'll see beautiful native grasses, trees, small streams and landscapes as the land looked hundreds of years ago.

During the spring months, you'll see new bison calves huddling close to their mothers.  In summer, the prairie grasses and flowers come alive.  Breeding season begins with the bulls become more aggressive.

Fall months bring the unmistakable "bugle" call from the elk as they holler out for their mates.  There's nothing quite like the sound a bugling elk makes!

The optimal time for viewing the animals is in the morning and evening.  Many times the bison are in the road, so you'll need to obey the strict speed limit law. Buses and commercial vehicle rates are available.  Call for details.

Safety & Reminders:

  • Vehicles must be enclosed; pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicycles are not allowed for safety reasons
  • Purchase one-time entry at the cash/credit machine at the Prairie entrance.
  • You can also purchase one-time entry cards or discounted bulk entry cards at Golden Pond Visitor Center, Welcome Stations, or any day-use facility. (3 entry cards - $10, 5 entry cards - $15, Buses/Commercial Vans - $.50 per passenger)