Hematite Dam Spills Water
Shawn Dunnaway

Off The Beaten Path

A great thing about Land Between The Lakes is there are so many back roads and trails to explore.  There are several unique places and things to see in LBL that aren't necessarily on the map.  From our sister sites Explore Kentucky Lake and Four Rivers Explorer, here are some of the unknowns of LBL that are just waiting to be explored.

Kentucky Lake's 'Party Cove' - The Creation of the Rock Quarry

One of the most popular spots for boaters on Kentucky Lake, the Rock Quarry is known locally as "the party cove".  But how exactly did the rock quarry get there?

The Sands

A beautiful natural sandy beach exists in Land Between The Lakes, but it's hard to get to by foot. It's another popular place in the summertime for boaters to hang out.

Kentucky Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Before Land Between The Lakes arrived in the 1960s, much of the territory was a wildlife refuge from the early 20th century.  Places in Land Between The Lakes still hold history of the old refuge, including the abandoned headquarters in Empire Farm. 

This Abandoned House in LBL Has An Incredible Story

This man refused to leave his home when TVA took over in the 1960s.  Through unique circumstances and his incredible persistence, he managed to stay until 1989.  His home still stands in LBL today, one of a handful of remaining structures.

Abandoned Empire Farm

Photos from the old Empire Farm in Land Between The Lakes show ruins of a demonstration area in the northern part of LBL.

Ferguson Spring

Springs are common thoughout Land Between The Lakes. This one was home to a small community in the late 19th century.

Honker Lake

A beautiful, lily pad filled impoundment/bay of Lake Barkley is scenic in the spring and summer months.  It also features a nice hike around the lake.

Hotel California

Deep in the woods of northern LBL resides an unusual concrete shell of a structure known to some locals as "Hotel California."  Thing is, it never was a hotel. So what was it?

Mint Springs

Down an old, barricaded road in southern Land Between The Lakes you'll find a relatively large series of springs spilling into a crystal-clear beaver dam pool.

Ghost Stories & The Paranormal of LBL

Local folklore tells many stories of ghosts, bigfoots and weird stuff happening in Land Between The Lakes.

Vampire Hotel

Similar to California Hotel, Vampire Hotel is not a hotel. But it has some creepy ties to a infamous cult that was profiled on NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" back in the 1990s.

Silo Overlook

An overlook was constructed on top of an old grain silo in northern Land Between The Lakes.  It shuttered in the late 1990s but you can still get to it.  Just don't go climbing on it!

Abandoned Pryor Creek Bridge

One would likely never stumble across this old bridge corssing Pryor Creek in Land Between The Lakes. But we found it and we'll tell you how to get there!